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High School Gym Games

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Obesity is a prevalent concern in our nation. For this reason, high school gym time should be used wisely with activities that are both enjoyable and physically active. During gym class, try to encourage your students to continue participating in these activities at home or with friends to stay physically fit and healthy.

Ultimate Frisbee

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This game encourages students to run a great deal and gives nearly every student an opportunity to throw or catch the Frisbee. Each team tries to get the Frisbee from one end of the field to their goal line at the other end without letting the Frisbee touch the ground. They accomplish this by passing from player to player, without taking more than two steps after they’ve caught the Frisbee. If the Frisbee hits the ground or is caught by an opposing player, it becomes the opposing team’s turn to pass the Frisbee. If a team makes it across their goal line, they score a point. They then throw the Frisbee to the other team, similar to a kickoff in football.

Prisoner of War

School gym.
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This game is a gym class favorite because it gets everybody involved. At the beginning of the match, the class is divided into two teams and each team selects one player to be the prisoner. The prisoner stays in a jail deep on the other team’s side of the court. Students from each team attempt to go across to the other side to retrieve the prisoner. If a student is tagged on the opposing side, he goes to jail as well. If a student gets to the jail without being tagged, he can stay as long as he wants and then tag one of the prisoners to run back with him. Each player can only return one prisoner at a time. If a player is tagged on the way back to his side, he must return to the jail. The game ends when everyone from one team is in prison.

Body Part Freeze Tag

Playing tag.
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This game is a variation of freeze tag that allows many students to participate at the same time. In this game, there are two players who are designated “it.” The players who are “it” have the ability to tag the other players and freeze whatever parts of their bodies they have touched. If they tag someone’s leg, that person must hop on one leg. If they tag the person’s arm, the person must keep his arm motionless. If both legs are tagged, the student can drag himself with his arms. If you desire, designate some way for the students to unfreeze themselves and return to play.


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Dodgeball is a classic gym game because it is enjoyed by so many kids. The class is separated into two teams and play begins with a row of balls at the center of the court. When the whistle blows, students can try to get the balls to hurl at the opposing team. If a player hits a member of the opposing team, the hit player is out. If a player catches a ball thrown by an opposing player, the person who threw it is out. The two teams play until one team has eliminated all players from the other team.

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