Naruto Hand Signs to Fireball Jutsu

The manga and anime series "Naruto" features ninjas who battle one another with supernatural techniques called "jutsu." The "jutsu" rely upon a ninja's inner power -- "chakra" -- to produce element-based attacks. To perform a "jutsu," a ninja makes a combination of hand signs based on the Chinese zodiac in order to draw upon this power. The fireball "jutsu," "katon gokakyu no jutsu," allows a ninja to exhale fire after he inhales air.

The Snake (Serpent)

The first hand sign in the fireball "jutsu" is the snake or serpent hand sign. To make the snake hand sign, place the tops of your two palms together and interlock your fingers. Leave the bottoms of your palms slightly apart. Bend your fingers over your hands.

The Ram (Sheep)

The ram or sheep hand sign is the second hand sign in the fireball "jutsu." To recreate this hand sign, bend the pinky, ring and middle finger of your right hand against your palm. Place the pinky and ring finger of your left hand over the knuckles of your pinky, ring and middle finger of your right hand. Extend the index finger of your right hand upward and place it against the middle and index finger of your left hand. Press your thumbs together. You can also bend the index finger of your right hand and extend the thumb upward instead.

The Monkey

The third sign in the fireball "jutsu" is the monkey. To make the monkey hand sign, raise your left hand to chest height, palm upward and fingers facing to your right. Place your right palm downward on the left palm, with its fingers pointing to your left. You can place the palms directly atop one another without interlocking fingers. Or you can interlock the pinky of your right hand with the thumb of your left hand.

The Boar (Pig)

To recreate the boar, the fourth sign in the fireball "jutsu," curl the pinky, ring, middle and index fingers on both hands against your palms. Place the knuckles of both hands against one another and point the hands downward. Extend your thumbs forward and touch them together side-by-side.

The Horse

Recreate the horse hand sign to make the fifth fireball "jutsu" sign. Curl your pinky, ring and middle fingers inward toward your palms and interlock the knuckles with the backs of your hands facing forward. (The left hand's pinky knuckle should be on the bottom.) Curl your thumbs inward. Extend your index fingers upward and touch the tips of the index fingers together.

The Tiger

The tiger is the final hand sign in the fireball "jutsu." Interlock your pinky, ring and middle fingers together with your palms facing one another. Extend your index fingers upwards and place them against each other. You can press your thumbs together as well. Another way to recreate the tiger hand sign is to curl the pinky finger of your left hand inward and place the pinky and ring fingers of your right hand atop the curled pinky. Curl the middle finger of your right hand inward and place the ring and middle fingers of your left hand atop the curled middle finger. Then press the index fingers and the thumbs together.


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