How to Get People on "Alchemy"

Alchemy is a popular cell phone game.

Alchemy is an addictive cell phone game where you must combine earth, water, fire and air to create over 300 other objects. The combinations range from the obvious to the obscure. For example, water plus fire equals steam, but arms plus light equals a light saber. Unlocking man requires a series of combinations that start with the four basic elements. Once you unlock man, many of the items combine to create people.

Combine air and fire to create energy.

Combine earth and water to create swamp.

Combine energy and swamp to create life.

Combine life and swamp to create bacteria.

Combine bacteria and water to create plankton.

Combine plankton and earth to create worm.

Combine worm and swamp to create snake.

Combine snake and worm to create lizard.

Combine lizard and earth to create beast.

Combine beast plus life to create man.


As you advance in the game and create more items, you can use them to create other types of people. For example, hero and fire combine to create a firefighter. Firearms and man combine to create a soldier. Arms and hunter combine to create a warrior. Library and man combine to create a scientist. Boat and man combine to create a sailor. Assassin and time combine to create a prisoner. Man and Vicodin combine to create House, M.D. A hunter and a fish combine to make a fisherman.

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