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My Sylvania LCD TV Is Not Working With My PS3

You can use standard-definition or full 1080p HD graphics with the PS3.
Cate Gillon/Getty Images News/Getty Images

All of Sylvania's LCD TVs give you a high-definition media experience, and many of them include a built-in DVD player to make movie viewing as convenient as possible. They also include a number of connection options for other devices, like Blu-ray players and PS3 consoles. Although there are several options for connecting your PS3 to your TV, there are a few common causes and solutions to connection problems, and you can check through all of them in a few minutes.

Change Input

Your TV has multiple ports available for connecting it to different devices, like a cable box or your PS3 game console. Your TV might not be working with your PS3 simply because it's using the wrong input. That means it's trying to display a picture and produce audio from the wrong set of connections. You can easily cycle through all your connections using your remote control. Different Sylvania TVs have different buttons for this, but the button is usually labeled "Input Select" or "Source."


Other very common problems are related to the cord connections themselves. If your cords have become loose from their ports or if they've come out completely, your TV may produce distorted audio or a distorted image, or it may not produce anything at all. You should check all cords' connectors to make sure they're securely plugged into the right port. Also make sure none of the cords are frayed or damaged in any way. If one of them is, you'll need to buy a new one. Different setups use a different number of cords; you may have only one cord from your PS3 to your TV, or you may have several.

TV Reset

Sometimes a TV encounters an obscure glitch that is difficult to identify or correct, but a simple "reset" may clear up the problem. To perform a minor reset your Sylvania TV, you just need to unplug it for at least 60 seconds; then plug it back in and see if the PS3 can now communicate with it.

PS3 Video Reset

Your PS3 might be sending an unusable video signal to your TV, which means your TV will either display nothing at all or it will display a highly distorted image. If this happens, you can reset the video output. Turn off the PS3 by pressing and holding the power button until the indicator light turns red. Then press and hold the power button again; you'll hear one beep right away; then in about five seconds you'll hear a second beep, and you should let go of the button then. Your PS3 will now output a standard, low-resolution picture that all TVs are compatible with. You can adjust the video settings by going to the XMB menu's "Settings" section and selecting "Display Settings," then "Video Output Settings."

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