How Much Is a 1942 Silver Half Dollar Worth?

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The walking Liberty half dollar design was introduced in 1916 to replace the Barber coins of the 19th century. Many of the half dollars from the early part of the 20th century are valuable in extremely fine and uncirculated condition. The 1942 silver half dollar is consistently gaining value for collectors.


The walking Liberty design featured on the silver half dollar was designed by German-born Adolph A. Weinman. Weinman was also in charged of designing the Mercury dime.


The walking Liberty half dollar was minted in all three Mints, but the location of the Mint mark changed. Coins from 1916 and some from 1917 have the Mint mark below "In God We Trust" on the obverse side. The mark was moved to the lower left of the reverse side for the rest of series.

Time Frame

Silver walking Liberty half dollars were produced from 1916 to 1947. The design replaced the Barber half dollar. In 1948, the design of the half dollar changed to the Franklin half dollar.

Fun Fact

The Weinman design for the 1942 half dollar was reused for the obverse side of 1 oz. silver bullion coin beginning in 1986. This coin is still minted annually.


A 1942 silver half dollar with full luster and in uncirculated condition is worth $45 to $100 as of August 2009. Double-dye errors for the 1942 minting can be worth up to $700 depending on the coin's condition.