Movie Themed Crafts for Kids

Sock puppets can be made to look like a child's favorite movie character.
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Movies can have a big influence on kids. Whether your kids are swept up in a certain movie or are interested in making movies of their own someday, movie-themed crafts are a creative addition to a birthday party or a fun indoor pastime on a rainy Saturday.

Miniature Props

Make miniature movie props with household objects.Tape paper plates and cups together and paint them to make flying saucers. Use shoe boxes to make miniature buildings. Make salt dough out of two parts flour, two parts salt and one part water and mold it into mini mountains, cars, planets or whatever you like. Use your props to make your own mini-movies with a camcorder or phone, using small action figures or finger puppets as the stars.

Movie Decoupage

Turn everyday objects into movie-themed works of art by covering them with clippings from movie magazines. Use a wooden box, picture frame or plastic bottle as a base. Cut out pictures representing movie scenes and coat them with decoupage glue or white glue that has been diluted with an equal part of water. Lay the clippings on the object so they overlap, making a 3-D collage. Younger kids can make a simple two-dimensional collage by pasting cut out pictures on construction paper.

Stars and Awards

Make a Hollywood star out of cardboard or construction paper. Paint a star cutout with gold or yellow paint. When it dries, paint your child's name on the star. Make awards for things like best actress, best director and best movie fan out of foam, salt dough or cardboard paper towel tubes. Present the homemade stars and awards at a special red carpet ceremony.

Movie Character Puppets

Paper bag or sock puppets are a simple craft that you can customize to make into all of your child's favorite movie characters. Think about what the character wears, the character's hair and other characteristics. Use pieces of cloth, foam, construction paper and yarn to make the character recognizable. For example, you could make a mermaid puppet with red yarn hair, a painted face and a craft foam tail glued to the front.