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Moroccan Crafts for Kids

Teach your children about Morocco through craft projects.
morocco flag icon. (with clipping path) image by Andrey Zyk from Fotolia.com

Morocco is located in northern Africa. Teach your children about this part of the world with Moroccan-themed crafts that they can make from materials that you may have around your house already. Moroccan cultural items and clothing often are full of glitz, so having a supply of colorful glitter and faux jewels will be helpful.

Morocco's Map

Draw a map of Morocco. Provide your children with art paper, markers, colored pencils and dot and star stickers. Let them consult encyclopedias and magazines to draw their own map of Morocco. They can label the cities and use the stickers to indicate the capital and the major cities.

Moroccan Rug

Make a miniature Moroccan rug out of fabric scraps, fringe and faux jewels. You can use white craft glue or a hot glue gun to embellish a rectangular piece of fabric. Consult photos that you can print from the Internet to use as inspiration. For example, many Moroccan rugs use bold colors—reds, oranges and golds—and have diamond and circle patterns.

Moroccan Shoes

Draw the traditional pointy Moroccan shoes on a piece of paper and cut them out with a pair of scissors. Let your children embellish them with glitter and faux jewels. Moroccan shoes can be very ornate and are often decorated with intricate beadwork and embroidery.

Moroccan Plastic Cups

Embellish a cup to look like one you would use in Morocco. You will need a plastic drinking glass that looks like a wine glass or a goblet. Purchase a roll of 2- or 3-inch-wide ornate Christmas ribbon. You want to choose a design that has a bold or rich color and incorporates a gold design. Cut a strip of ribbon long enough to wrap the goblet, and glue it onto the cup with craft glue. Allow to dry. Serve Moroccan mint iced tea in the goblets.

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