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How to Mount Plates in Shadow Boxes

Shadow boxes are popular decorative boxes that contain collections of memorabilia and objects often grouped around a specific theme, such as sea or farm life, or military memorabilia. Shadow boxes combine the best of hobby, collecting and art. They make great decorative pieces and can feature just about anything, including a plate collection. Displaying plates in a shadow box is a good way to keep your collection safe and highlight special plates in your collection. Learn how to mount plates in shadow boxes so they will remain secure as you display them for generations to come.

Open your shadow box and place it with the back side down on a smooth, flat surface. The back of your shadow box is where you will be hanging the plates, so measure your plates and mark where you will install each plate hanger (2 per plate).

Place a good amount of super glue on the back of each butter platter hanger and press each one against the back of the shadow box wall. You will need small plate hangers if your plates are between 4 and 5 inches in width and large for plates wider than that.

Stand your shadow box upright and allow the super glue to dry for an hour. When the glue has dried, place your plates in the plate hangers and close your shadow box. Now you have a shadow box plate display worthy of hanging on your wall.

Things You'll Need:

  • Shadow box
  • Plate butter platter hangers
  • Super glue
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