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Monopoly Electronic Banking Instructions

Monopoly is a exciting board game for the family. Designed for players over the age of eight, it requires diplomacy, decision making and a large amount of luck. The game is based around the accumulation of capital and investment into property. Up to six players can play the game at any one time, and the winner is the person who doesn't become bankrupt or owns the most property at the end of the game. A new edition of the game introduced an electronic banking system instead of individual notes, making the game easier and quicker to play.

Insert all cards into the electronic banking device, one at a time, to start the game. Hold down the ''C'' button on the electronic banking device until you hear a beep. This will reset all balances to the starting amount of $15 million.

Place the card of the player making a payment into the right side of the device and card of the player receiving the payment into the left side of the device. Both balances on the cards will be displayed. Enter the sum to be paid. The new balances of each of the cards will be shown.

Whenever a player passes Go, insert their card into the left hand slot and press the arrow button on the electronic banking device. This will automatically add $2 Million to the player's balance.


When making payments, enter the details exactly as their appear on the property cards. Incorrect values that are entered can be corrected by pressing the ''C'' button on the electronic banking device.

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