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Memory Games for Teenagers

Teenagers enjoy playing games that challenge each other in a competition.
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Memory games are challenging and enjoyable for people of all ages. Teenagers particularly like to play these types of games. They may think they have an excellent memory but these games may prove them wrong or at least surprise them with what they do and don’t have difficulty remembering. Memory games are intriguing exercises for our brains and will make us more observant and alert in the future.

Word Game

This memory game can be played in a car while on a road trip or anywhere. The first person simply says a word, such as “book.” The next person must say “book” and then another word beginning with the last letter of the word, which is the letter “k.” Therefore, the next person would say “book” and then perhaps “kangaroo.” The third person would need to say, “Book, kangaroo” and then a word that begins with the letter “o.” This game is pretty challenging when you have several people playing, but it only requires two participants. The first one to mess up the word list is out, with more than two players the game continues until you have a champion.

What Did You Do?

Another challenging memory game for several people to play is to choose a person to begin the game. The person then asks the crowd to take a good look at him. He will leave the room and change something very subtle about his appearance. The changes may be simply untying one of his shoes, changing his watch from one wrist to the other or unbuttoning one of the buttons on his shirt. Sometimes a player will guess immediately what the change is, other times the players will be stumped. The players get to take turns asking the person one question each by going clockwise around the room. The question must require a simple “yes” or “no” answer. If the player asks “Does it have to do with your shirt?” and the answer is “yes” then that player can guess the answer. If the answer is “no” another player gets to ask a question.

Party Game

For this enjoyable game, someone needs to be the Game Master. This person will collect 20 unrelated items from around the home or other area without anyone seeing what he is collecting. The players should close their eyes while the Game Master lays all the items on a nearby table or any flat surface. He will then cover the items with a towel. Once everyone is ready, he will uncover the items. They have two minutes to observe and visualize the grouping. The Game Master will then cover the items with the towel again. The players must each write down on a sheet of paper all of the objects he can remember. Give them about five minutes to complete their list. The Game Master will then uncover the items and the players can count how many they got right. The winner is the person who recalls the highest number of items.

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