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How to Make a Program Schedule for Activities

Making a program schedule involves coordinating activities, venues and times.
scoring in sport event image by L. Shat from Fotolia.com

A program schedule gives you a comprehensive overview of who is going to be where doing what at which time. Making a program schedule for activities can vary from marking the kids' sporting events and music lessons on a calendar stuck on the fridge, through to a university events program for a year. Regardless of the purpose, a program schedule requires coordinating activities, venues and times.

List the activities you have to schedule. Sit down with a calendar–to use as a working draft–and sketch in the dates, times and places.

Identify the facilities you are going to use for each activity. Determine if there are time conflicts and plan accordingly. The youth club, for example, might meet at the town hall every second Saturday at 7:30 p.m., but if the space is booked for other events in October, they might assemble at the library instead.

Decide if you are going to design your own program schedule for activities, download materials from the Internet or use sophisticated software. Make sure whichever option you select meets your criteria of spaces to indicate activity, venue and time.

Use colored markers to identity the different activities and the various venues. Note if there are any time or venue conflicts that have to be factored in as you are working on your draft.

Draft your program schedule and leave it for a day. Time and distance will help you see things you may have missed in your program schedule for activities.

Review the program schedule with another coach, teacher or coordinator. Getting someone else to look at the program schedule with a fresh eye may help identity something you overlooked.

Display the program schedule for activities in a prominent place. The idea of a program schedule is to convey information, so people have to be able to refer to it easily.

Give copies of the program schedule to all the participants. Print or email copies to everyone concerned so they have the information at hand.

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