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Limo Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Relax in a limo while searching for items on your list.
Limousine interior image by Marco Salcedo from Fotolia.com

Plan a limousine scavenger hunt to complete a classically favorite party game with style and luxury. Whether you are celebrating with a club or team or having a fancy birthday party, a limo scavenger hunt will be a hit. There are a few different ways to plan, set up and participate. Explore them to find the best fit for your group.

Photo Evidence

Go out in a limo and search for items from your list to take pictures of, rather than collect. Give each team, if using two limos, or person, if using one limo, a camera. If the players have digital cameras, it will be cheaper to use them, but if it is in your budget you can use disposable cameras and take them to a one-hour development center directly after the hunt. Make up a list of things to take pictures of. Choose large items like specific buildings or street signs for some of your items. Add other random items to the list, such as "lady walking a dog," "mailman" or "waitress." Set a time limit and have all of the players bring the cameras and pictures back to a central location to compare the lists.

Scavenger Interviews

Act as journalists doing interviews for your scavenger hunt. Have one person speak to several people before the hunt to let them in on the plan and let them know that they will be interviewed for the hunt. Ask people like the local librarian or firemen at the local fire station to participate. Ask for first names and list the people on the scavenger hunt lists. Give each player a list of the names and questions to ask. Be sure your listed people know how to answer the questions and keep a sheet of the answers that need to be collected. Send the limo or limos out with the players so they can visit the locations of the listed people. The player or team who comes back with the most correct answers first is the winner.

Activity Day Scavenger Hunt

Send your players out for a good time with a purpose. Make up a list of things that the players must collect during the limo trip. Include things on the list that require the players to participate in fun activities, such as receipts from a local cafe (which they can collect at lunch or dinner time) a filled-out bowling scorecard, a receipt from a day spa or a printout of pitching speed at a sports center. To send the players out for a shopping day, make a list of things like a new shirt, a purple accessory, a red hat, etc. Use your imagination and the resources in your area to plan a fun-filled day for the players.

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