How to Make Your Own Pokemon Cards

Make and print Pokemon cards from your computer.
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The Pokemon card game was a phenomenon when it first came out and remains popular today. Millions of children from countries across the globe collect and play with Pokemon cards. It can be frustrating, however, to play without rare or expensive cards, or to have an idea for a Pokemon card of your own that you can't see in official form. A number of websites can help by allowing you to create and print out your own Pokemon cards for casual play.

Go to the official Pokemon site and click the blue "Card Info" box on the lower right. That will take you to the card database where you can find information on cards.

Design the data for an all-new Pokemon card. Give it numbers for all of the pertinent rule categories, such as what type of card it is, what kind of attack it makes, its hit points and any special rules it may possess. Test in a deck and play it against your friends before you finalize the data. It will help make the card rules more balanced.

Register at the PMC website, or log onto MyPokeCard and use their templates to fill in the data for your Pokemon card. If you want to print out an existing card, it is important to get all of the rules down exactly as they appear on the official card. Even tiny changes can alter the way the game plays.

Include a picture of your card by pulling one from the Internet or designing one of your own using software, such as Adobe Photoshop. Save it on your computer where you can easily find it, and then upload it to MyPokeCard using the upload function. Push the "Submit" button if you are using PMC and wait for the card to be finalized.

Right-click on the new card, regardless of which website you're using, and save it to your desktop.

Print the card on a color printer using standard white printing paper, and then cut the surrounding paper away until the card is the right size.

Put a common Pokemon card -- something cheap that you have many copies of and that won't be missed if you lose it -- into a flexible plastic card sleeve. You can buy the sleeves inexpensively at most game and hobby stores, or online at card sites.

Slip the printed card on top of the existing Pokemon card in the sleeve. The face of the new card should be visible.

Put plastic sleeves on all the other Pokemon cards you intend to use in your deck. The sleeves should all have the same color and design on the back, making the deck uniform. That lets you play it with your new card in a fair and equitable manner.

Things You'll Need

  • Color printer
  • Scissors
  • Card sleeves
  • Common-type Pokemon cards


  • If you're worried about your printout slipping out of the card sleeve, glue it to the front of an existing Pokemon card. The standard size for a Pokemon card is 2 1/2 inches wide by 3 1/2 inches tall. Make sure your printouts match that size exactly.


  • Printed Pokemon cards are great for practice and games with your friends, but they are not allowed in official tournaments. Even copies of official cards need to be "real" -- forgeries or printouts are not allowed. If you have created entirely new cards and are playing with your friends, be sure to tell them that you are doing so and let them veto any new cards they don't think are fair.