How to Make on Online Scavenger Hunt

The dangers of journeying around town at night make scavenger hunts unappealing for some students and parents. The Internet offers a unique way to feed the adventurous sides of students while ensuring a safe time for everyone involved. You need to know how to make an online scavenger hunt that is challenging and fun.

Begin to make an online scavenger hunt by finding an appropriate theme. Your hunt should focus on topics like history, geography and movies, reining in the endless expanse of the Internet.

Build up your online scavenger hunt with simple questions that do not require extensive research. Questions that require participants to fill in blanks, match terms and answer "true" or "false" build confidence for more difficult tasks.

Force hunters to use multiple websites during the online scavenger hunt. This policy will make participants locate reliable resources beyond the top results in search engines.

Locate computer labs where your entire group can participate in the hunt at the same time and in the same location. Universities like Worcester Polytechnic Institute offer public groups the opportunity to use new computers outside of the daily class schedule (see Resources below).

Consult educational websites to find ready-made hunts designed for young students. There are websites like Mrs. O's House that provide hunts for presidential information from the perspective of experienced educators (see Resources below).

Register for an online forum devoted entirely to your online scavenger hunt, and use it for live reporting. A forum through the Network 54 website can be set to private and used to keep track of participants who finish searching before time runs out (see Resources below).

Set an upper time limit as you do an online scavenger hunt that puts some pressure on hunters. The speed of the Internet and the limitations of computer labs make it optimal to set the maximum time under 1 hour.

Throw a twist into your online scavenger hunt by providing pictures instead of words as hints. A cryptic hint underneath the picture will challenge students and friends before they plug information into search engines.


Ask participants to find famous quotes that fit your online hunt's theme. Make sure you transcribe the complete quote to avoid confusing participants who find a portion of the quote on the Internet.

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