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How Do I Get Free Wireless Internet on My PS3?

Connect to the Internet on your PS3.
controller image by Thommi from Fotolia.com

The Sony PlayStation 3 allows you to connect to the internet, giving you the ability to play online games or download new content to the system. You have two different options when connecting to the internet: through a wired or a wireless connection. However, if there is a nearby wireless network that is not password protected, you can connect to it free of charge.

Power on the PlayStation 3 and the TV. Wait for the main menu to load.

Scroll over to "Settings," followed by "Network Settings," "Internet Connection" and "Enable."

Confirm the "Internet Connection Settings" and click "Yes" when asked if you want to continue.

Choose the "Easy" method of connecting, then select "Wireless."

Tell the PS3 to "Scan" for available wireless networks. Once the scan has finished a list of Wi-Fi networks appears on the screen.

Choose the Wi-Fi network and click "OK." Select "None" when asked if there is a security password and press the "X" button to save the information. The PS3 now begins to test the internet connection. This takes a few moments; the PS3 states "Test Complete" when the completed. Press "X" again and your PS3 is now connected to a free internet source.

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