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How to Make Fake Nails at Home for Little Kids

Nail polish can be used for many scientific experiments.
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If you have a fashion-conscious child that continually asks for fake nails, supply her with some tape and show her how to make her own fake nails. This simple, yet ingenious process creates a nail that looks real, is easy to decorate with kid-friendly or regular nail polish, and is very inexpensive. Your daughter might enjoy the process so much she will want to make new nails daily. The tape has its own adhesive so no glue is needed for attachment and they are easy to remove.

Step 1

Position a piece of tape just above your child's cuticle and press onto their fingernail. Cut the tape slightly longer than the desired length of the fake nail.

Step 2

Trim the edges of the tape to fit her fingernail. Cut the end of the tape that extends past your child's finger to the desired shape. You will have to try on the tape periodically to ensure it fits correctly. If you happen to cut it too small, don't worry. Simply cut another piece of tape. With practice, this process will become easier.

Step 3

Make a nail for each finger following the same process. Stick all the fake nails on a pen or pencil to keep them from sticking together or to other objects.

Step 4

Place the first set of five nails on your child's dominant hand. Press into place.

Step 5

Paint the tape and your child's cuticle with fingernail polish. Allow the polish to dry, then give a second coat.

Step 6

Flip your child's hand over to expose the sticky part of the tape that extends past her real fingernail. Cover the sticky area with a coat of fingernail polish. This will help her nails last longer.

Step 7

Place the second set of five nails on your child's remaining hand. Press into place.

Step 8

Paint two coats of fingernail polish over the tape and your child's cuticle. Allow the polish to dry between coats. Flip your child's hand and cover the sticky area of the tape with a coat of fingernail polish. Let the polish dry, and your child will be ready to go.


Add a design on your child's fake nails. Paint your child's fake nails with their desired color. Draw a design on the front with other colors of fingernail polish. Allow each color of fingernail polish to dry completely before adding the next.

Things You'll Need:

  • Scotch tape
  • Scissors
  • Pencil or pen
  • Fingernail polish
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