How to Make Bridge Tallies

While Bridge may be about card playing, you'll never keep a game going without proper tally cards. These will allow players to know with and against whom they are playing in each round of the game, as well as when they switch tables and their scores. Tally sheets can be created using index cards and need not be purchased in a store. Make several batches to have on-hand for your weekly games and customize them for regular players.

Rotate your index cards so that are greater in height than in width. Unlined index cards that measure five by eight inches will work best.

Place your ruler to the side of the index card and begin from the top marking one inch intervals down the card. Rotate the ruler and draw a horizontal line across the card at each interval. You will end up with eight rows.

Place your ruler on the top line and, starting with the second row, draw three additional marks. Each mark should be one inch apart with the final mark being two inches from the right edge of the card.

Draw a vertical line down the card from the start of each mark. When finished, the bottom seven rows of the card will each be divided into four columns.

Label your columns using the top row of the card. The first column should be labeled "Round" with each space beneath being numbered from one to seven. The next column will be labeled "Table 1," then "Table 2," and the final column of two inch spaces will be labeled "Score."

Locate the the first space under the "Table 1" column, directly right of "Round 1," and write two sets of numbers "1-6" and "2-5." The second set should be written beneath the first. On the next space down write "2-3" and "5-8." Continue down the column with the following sets: "1-8" and "3-6," "1-2" and "3-4," "1-7" and "2-8," "2-6 and "3-7," "2-4" and "6-8."

Write the following sets of numbers beginning with the first space under "Table 2": "3-8" and "4-7," "1-4" and "6-7," "2-7" and "4-5," "5-6" and "7-8," "3-5" and "4-6," "1-5" and "4-8," "1-3" and "5-7."

Highlight the number as it appears under each of the "Table" columns. This will act as the card for player one in the game.

Repeat the card creation process until you have eight cards in total. Each card should have a different player number highlighted.

Things You'll Need

  • Package of 5 by 8 index cards
  • Ruler
  • Pen
  • Highlighter


  • Use colored cards to help differentiate between players.

    Bridge games with more than eight players will add additional tables to the game, and as such, each card should include an additional column for each additional table.