How to Make My Picture Bigger Than Its Regular Size

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Small photos are quicker to send and upload, but when a profile picture is too small or you need to print a photo to fit a larger frame, consider resizing. Photo enlargement can be accomplished many different ways, depending on the tools available and desired outcome. Several photo viewing programs also offer the option to crop and retouch while resizing, leading to professional looking photos without the price tag. Choose higher resolution photos for retouching and enlarging; they’ll produce the best results.

Enlarge a Photo in Photoshop

Open the photo in your Photoshop program.

Click the Image drop-down menu and select "Image Size."

Select "Constrain Proportions" once the Image dialogue box opens.

Adjust the width or height in either pixels or inches.

Click "OK."

Enlarge a Photo in Windows Live Photo Gallery

Click on the photo you want to resize in Windows Live Photo Gallery.

Open the File drop-down menu.

Select "Resize."

Select a new size for the photo in the Resize dialogue box.

Click the "Resize" and "Save" button.

Enlarge a Photo in iPhoto

Open iPhoto program and select the desired photo while in "Organize" view.

Open the "Share" drop-down menu and click "Export" for iPhoto 5, or open the "File" drop-down menu and click "Export" in iPhoto 4 and 6.

Select "Scale" in the Export Photos box.

Enter your desired size in pixels.

Click "Export."


  • If you do not have photo-viewing software, navigate to one of the many online web sites that resize photos for free. Web sites such as Pic Resize and Resizr allow users to upload photos, select the desired enlargement size and create effects. After you upload your photo and select the preferred settings, click download and the photo will be saved to your computer in its new size.

    For a print photo enlargement without a computer, you can use a photocopier. Enter the percent of enlargement into the machine before copying, but be aware that this method might require larger paper and may not be as sharp as digital methods.


  • When describing a photo’s resolution, a set of numbers is given--the number of horizontal pixels by the number of vertical pixels. Increasing these numbers will make the photo larger but may distort the aspect ratio. Use an online pixel aspect ratio calculator to combat this.

    Very small pictures with low resolutions may look "pixelated" after enlargement. If this happens, make the picture only slightly larger or find another picture to enlarge.