How to Make a Beaded Key Chain

Randy Son Of Robert

Almost everyone has keys that go to something, whether it's to your home or to your car. Most key rings are plain and boring. A way to spice up a key ring is to make a beaded key chain. This is also a way to keep from losing your keys as often. There are many designs that can be used when beading key chains. Making a beaded key chain isn't expensive and is simple enough that kids can make them too. They also make creative gifts for friends and family.

Put the beads on a towel or in a bead tray so they don't roll and fall to the floor. Always have more than you need because it is easy to drop a few of them as you work. Decide what pattern you want the beads to go onto the cords. Next, draw a diagram in different colors for the bead placement so you don't put beads in the wrong place and disrupt your pattern.

Cut two pieces of the nylon beading cord to however long or short you want. You can use different material such as leather, hemp, elastic or lanyard if you wish. You can also use a pipe cleaner or colored beading cord to match your color theme.

Fold both pieces of cord over the key ring. Make sure all four ends are as even as possible and tie the four pieces of cord into a knot. If you don't want four strands of beads for your key chain, then double the cords, making a key chain of two strands.

Add your beads to the cords according to the diagram you drew earlier. The beads can be made of wood, glass, plastic or metal. You can use beads with letters on them to make a beaded key chain with a name or a saying on it such as, "God Is Love" or "Mom." The beads can also be any color that you want them to be.

Make a knot on the end of each cord and be sure to tighten it. You can also make a double knot on each cord. Trim off the excess cords and apply a coat of craft glue to all the end knots to help them stay knotted. Your beaded key chain is now finished.

Things You'll Need

  • Nylon Beading Cord
  • Seed Beads
  • Key Ring
  • Scissors
  • Craft Glue