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List of Production Studio Equipment & Its Uses

Production studios are full of various pieces of equipment used to create films, television, video and audio. Not all furniture or equipment found in one type of studio will necessarily be found in other types of studios, though many items are interchangeable and have uses in a variety of production settings.


A platform on wheels that allows the camera and its operator to create smooth tracking moves. Dollies can range anywhere in price from $15 pieces of plywood on skateboard wheels to thousands of dollars for a professional dolly with high levels of control.


This is a device utilizing three telescoping legs with a device at the top called a "head," used to support a camera and create panning and tilting moves.


These are specially color balanced flourescent lights manufactured by the Kino lighting company.


A type of camera support, similar to a tripod. Basic pedestals consist of a central core tube on top of a set of wheels and a camera mounting platform. The central core telescopes up and down to allow for various camera heights. The wheels are made of a smooth rubber to keep camera shake and unwanted noise to a minimum.


A solid, soundproof housing that encloses film cameras so that the camera's noise doesn't affect the scene.


When referring to a camera, a jib is a long, pivoting arm that sits on a tripod and allows the camera to move in various directions. Jibs can range from 4 feet long to 40 or 50 feet long (these start to fall into the crane category) and will allow for complex overhead and/or moving shots.


A brand name for a two-part device that allows on-camera talent to read text while looking directly into the camera lens. Part 1 consists of an angled two-way mirror that reflects text from a monitor that hangs below the mirror. Part 2 consists of a computer and a hand controller or foot pedal that regulates the speed at which text scrolls up the screen.

Lighting Board

A large console with rows and columns of faders and dials that control the output levels of lights in the studio.

Video Switcher

A large console that controls inputs from cameras, videotape players, hard drives and graphics devices. The switcher allows a director to mix and cut between the input sources to create a final program.

Audio Mixing Console

A console containing inputs of all the audio sources in a studio, including microphones, CD drives and players, sound effects generators and computers. The mixing console is used to manage the levels of various controls of each audio input.


High quality, professional grade audio speakers. Monitors are capable of reproducing a wide range of frequencies for the purpose of aiding technicians in audio sweetening.

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