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How to Repair the Display on a Moultrie I-40 Game Camera

The Moultrie I-40 game camera is a specialized camera designed to photograph wild animals in their natural environment. These cameras are mounted on trees and are motion activated, so they capture photographs when animals pass by the lens. This particular camera comes with a front LED display from which the unit is operated. It is possible for this display to experience problems but there are quick fixes for them.

Slide the access door on the side of the unit down to open it. Check to make sure the compartment is filled with six D batteries. If the screen isn't working, it is possibly due to dead batteries.

Turn the unit off and turn the unit around so that you have access to the screws on the rear of the housing.

Remove the screws on the rear housing of the unit.

Separate the two halves of the unit so that you have access to the rear of the display.

Check the ribbon cable and circuitry that connect to the back of the screen. Make sure it is attached properly. If it isn't, unplug it, then plug it back in to its port, making sure it is secure.

Replace the two halves of the unit and replace the screws.

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