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The List of Games for the Halex Dart Board

You can play a variety of games on a Halex dartboard.
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Darts is a centuries-old game of skill. It is believed the game was created by soldiers competing in spear-throwing contests. The spears were thrown at the bottom of a barrel lying on its side. The game became more modern when an American patented a paper dartboard in 1898. An Englishman patented a metal version in 1906 -- the origin of Halex dart boards. Today, Halex specializes in electronic dartboards and making attractive cabinets for the boards. They also offer complete assortment of soft- and steel-tipped darts. A variety of games can be played on a Halex dartboard.

English Cricket

English cricket is a common game of darts played in pubs. Two players take turns throwing three darts each. A coin flip decides who goes first. The first player is called the “batting” player. If he scores over 40 points in a round, the amount over 40 is added to his score. If less than 40 points scored, no points are added. The second player is called the “bowling” player. He scores two wickets for a bulls-eye, and one wicket if a dart lands within the 25-point ring. When the bowling player scores 10 wickets, the roles reverse. If the batting player gets a bulls-eye, he only has to throw eight wickets when bowling his next turn. If he throws a 25, he only has to throw nine. If the bowling player misses the board, the batter receives 20 extra points. When both players have been a batter and a bowler twice, the game ends. The player with the highest batting score wins the match.

Around the Clock

Around the clock is popular game. Each player throws three darts in his turn. He must hit the numbers in order. A one must be hit before he moves on to two, a two hit before three, and so on. If he misses the required number, it is the next player's turn. This process goes from 1-20. A 25 and then a bulls-eye must be hit to finish the game and win.

Call Three

Call three is a good game to improve your throwing accuracy. The object is to have the highest score after 10 rounds. Each player throws three darts in a round. The player throwing the darts has to hit the three numbers called out by the player next in turn. The numbers must be hit in the same order as called out. One point is scored for each number hit, two points scored if the dart lands in the doubles area, and three if in the triples. After 10 rounds, the player with the highest score wins.


Castle is a fun game invented by the British. A pyramid is drawn for each player and consists of 15 boxes. Five boxes are on the bottom and one on top. Each player throws a dart with his weaker arm. The number hit is the one he aims for throughout the game. For the remainder of the game, the player throws darts with his strong arm. If a player hits his number with a dart, he gets one box marked off. If the dart lands in the doubles area he gets two boxes marked, and in the triples area he gets three. The first player to fill all the castle boxes wins.

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