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Easy Bunco Instructions

Toss the dice and play some Bunco.
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Bunco is a popular party game with simple rules; as a game of dice and luck, it can accommodate large groups and just about any age. Bunco was played in England during the 18th century under the name "8 - Dice Cloth," according to the World Bunco Association, and was "introduced into San Francisco during the Gold Rush by a crooked gambler." It lapsed in popularity from 1940 to 1980, according to the association, and in 2010 is enjoyed by women's groups, couples and schoolchildren.

Divide the players into three groups of four, each group with its own table. Distribute paper, pencils and three dice per table.

Each player rolls the three dice and for each die that hits the number of the round that you are on, you get one point. (i.e. in the first round, each "1" rolled earns one point). Three of any number in one roll earns five points. Roll three of the number of the round (i.e. three "6s" in round six) and earn an instant "Bunco," or 21 points.

Move play to the left once the roller gets no points on a roll. Do this all the way around the table once per round. A typical game of Bunco lasts until one of the players on one of the tables reaches 21 points. At this point, rotate players to form a new group of players at each table.

After the game has switched players six times, the person who has accrued the most points during the six rotations is the victor.

Things You'll Need:

  • 12 people
  • 9 dice
  • 3 tables
  • 12 chairs
  • Scorecards
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