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Foam Board Uses

Foam board can be used to sell things.
poster image by Andrey Kiselev from Fotolia.com

Foam board are pieces of foam and plastic which are fused together to make large boards that can be used for a variety of different artistic projects, as selling tools and as a helpful addition to a home. These pieces of foam board come in different sizes and thicknesses and can be cut and shaped to be used for your benefit.


Thick, colorful pieces of foam board can be used as signs, advertising everything from a garage sale or car wash to a clearance sale at a major department store. The surfaces of these pieces of foam board will adhere to marker, allowing you to create a sturdy sign in your living room inexpensively in order to draw people to your garage sale. Sign companies can also design high-quality, professional signs out of foam board which they can hang outside their business or hire someone in a costume to spin on the corner. These foam board signs are even relatively durable in weather, holding up for a while in rain before beginning to dissolve and fall apart.

Lighting for Production

Large white pieces of foam board are used in film, video and theatrical productions to help direct light on people's faces during certain shots and scenes. The technical term for this is bouncing light and the foam board is often dubbed as a bounce. These bounces are usually white but can also have pieces of foil taped to them around the edges, directing more or just a different intensity of light at the subjects and giving the performance a different look. Foam board bounces are relatively inexpensive to build yourself and can be used on low budget shoots, though they are used at all levels of production.


A cheap, do-it-yourself way to insulate your home is to install foam board in the walls to help hold in heat and cool air in the summer or keep out heat and cold air in the winter. These foam boards will have to range in thickness and can also be melted down by a professional insulation company and sprayed behind the walls, allowing the polystyrene which makes up foam boards to fill in any cracks which may allow air from the inside to escape. If installing foam board as insulation yourself, you'll either need the proper training on how to spray the melted polystyrene into your walls or will have to affix larger pieces of foam board inside the wall with clamps or screws.

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