Line Dancing: Part 1

Learn how to line dance in this free instructional video on Texas swing dancing.

About the Author

Kelly-Anne is a Professional Ballroom & Theatrical Musical Dance coach in South Florida USA. She is a highly versatile seasoned pro. Having cross trained & worked for 15+ years, from live Stage TV Film & Radio performance & choreography in most International cultural Dance forms; Ballroom Social, Nightclub, Go-Go, Hip-Hop, Cabaret, Pole Dance, Bellydance, Creative movement, Fitness, Yoga, Competitions, Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Ethnic Folk, Lyrical, Liturgical Gospel, Lifts, Multimedia, Fashion Modeling, Singing Songwriting, & Music Videos, to name a few. She has earned chorus roles with many productions, sponsorships & commissions for work. She now specializes in teaching Wedding couples as well as producing her own pop musical dance video series 5,6, Dance! … Kelly-Anne’s portfolio can be seen at