Lawn Dice Rules

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Lawn dice are a great way to liven up any party or gathering. Kids and adults alike can enjoy tossing these larger-than-life dice around outdoors. Snake-eyes, or 21, is a fun and versatile game to play with lawn dice. Keep it family friendly by rolling for points alone or kid-friendly rewards, or add in adult fun by making it a drinking game.

Game Set-up

To play, you'll need a set of six lawn dice and two rings that are three feet in diameter. If these rings aren't included in your lawn dice set, you can make them out of rope. You'll also need a pen and a pad of paper for keeping score. If more than two people are playing, split up into two even-numbered teams, each of which should be given three dice.

How To Play

Each team should roll a single die to determine who should go first. The team that rolls the highest number should play first. With each team taking turns, each player takes a turn tossing a die into his team's ring.


Points are rewarded to each player according to the numerical value shown on the thrown dice. The winner is the first team to either reach 21 points or roll all ones, or "snake eyes," on a single turn. Alternately, for shorter versions of the game you can lower the winning number of points to 11 or 15 points.



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