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Ker-Plunk Instructions

Ker Plunk, a classic a game designed for two to four players, requires specific setup before the game begins. Game play is a combination of luck and skill, as you pul sticks out of a tube, trying not to release marbles resting upon the sticks.

Setting Up the Tube and Base

The Ker Plunk tube consists of three pieces that require assembly. The middle portion looks like a large ring with numerous tiny holes in it. Press the two larger portions of the tube onto the ring so the ring is in the middle, creating a large capsule shape. Hold the tube so there is a hole in the center of the top. Another hole exists near the bottom along one of the sides of the tube. Pressing the tube onto the tray makes the tube stand upright. The hole near the bottom should be visible, exiting into one of the compartments in the tray. If not, rotate the tube until you can see the hole.

Setting Up for Play

Insert each long stick through random holes in one side of the tube, exiting through a hole on the other side. Wiggle the stick around if you're unable to find an exit hole. Repeat the process until all sticks are in place through the middle part of the tube. Pour the marbles through the top hole, allowing them to rest atop the sticks in the middle of the tube. If any marbles fall to the base, insert them again until they stay inside.

Game Play

Each player picks a number from one to four and is in charge of the respective numbered compartment on the tray. Begin each turn by rotating the tube so the hole near the bottom faces your numbered compartment. Pull out the first stick you touch. Any marbles that fall into your compartment must they stay there until the end of the game. The next player rotates the tube so the hole faces his compartment, again pulling out the first stick he touches. Balls that fall while no one is touching the tube go in the player's compartment who made the last pull. Game play continues until all sticks are removed or all marbles have fallen into the tray. The winner is the person with the least marbles.

Safety Concerns

Ker Plunk contains small marbles that can be a choking hazard and sharp sticks that can cause injury. Players should be at least 5 years old to play the game. Keep pieces away from younger children and pets.

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