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How to Keep Pipe Tobacco Fresh

Tobacco needs to be stored correctly to stay fresh.
tobacco image by FJ Medrano from Fotolia.com

Smoking dried out pipe tobacco isn't a particularly enjoyable experience. It tends to make the smoke too harsh and hurt your throat. That is why it is important to keep tobacco moist and fresh. In order to do this the pipe tobacco must be stored properly to stop it drying out. Once you have learned how, you can buy tobacco in bulk and keep it stored for long lengths of time. This not only saves money but can help the smoking blend mature so it tastes nicer to smoke later on.

Find a suitable airtight container to store your tobacco in. Glass works better over a long period of time than plastic.

Sterilise your glass container. Boil the kettle and submerge the container in a bowl full of boiled water with a little bit of dish soap in it. Be sure to sterilise your container properly otherwise your tobacco will end up tasting like whatever was in the container beforehand.

Dry the container carefully with a clean tea towel. Make sure there is no water droplets left in the container. This can cause the tobacco to grow mould and then you will have to throw it away.

Put your tobacco into the container and screw the lid on tightly. Put a sticker on the jar showing the date when you put it into storage.

Store your tobacco container in a cool, dark place where there isn't a lot of temperature fluctuations. Ideally the temperature should be kept between 60 to 70 degree F.

Things You'll Need:

  • An airtight container
  • Tea towel
  • Dish soap
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