Interesting Collage Ideas

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Collage is a creative art form that requires mixing different papers, images and found objects to create a larger piece of work. Collages can be purely aesthetic, featuring a balance of different colors or perhaps working as a mosaic to create a shape. A collage can also be something more unexpected and interesting, combining different media to create a textured and dynamic piece of art that begs to be studied and touched. Choosing a theme or finding inspiration for your collage can help you to create a one-of-a-kind piece.

Politics/ Current Events

News of the world can be inspiration for your collage. Look to headlines for news stories that can be the subject of your art. You can use symbols from the event for the collage. For example, create the image of a public figure using pieces of paper and photographs that represent symbols of this person. In the collage, the person can be acting in a certain way or exhibiting an expression that might speak to the subject's current mental state. This will allow you to convey your own feelings regarding the event in a way that the viewer can interpret for himself.

Juxtaposition of the Classics

Take inspiration from classic works of art as the subject of your college. Re-create a famous piece of work, but make it your own by juxtaposing it with a different medium in the collage. For example, remake Botticelli's famous “Birth of Venus” painting by using actual found objects from the beach, such as seashells and starfish. Another idea would be to make an impressionist painting in the style of Monet, but instead of using a paintbrush to create the small points that make up the image, use small pieces of paper.

Collage Journal

With a collage journal, you use the medium to express your daily thoughts and experiences. Much like a scrapbook that houses photos and mementos from events, your collage journal might feature artifacts from your day, arranged together to make a new piece of art. You can use a composition notebook or an empty scrapbook as your base. If you have an old magazine or book that you no longer want, you can let your collage journal also become an altered book by laying new imagery and shapes over the old pages in a way that is fresh and innovative.

Theme Collage

Use your artwork to communicate one abstract theme. For example, the piece could express the theme of “love.” In your collage, use pieces such as Valentine's Day cards, love letters, receipts from restaurants, photos of people in love and any other items that you want to share with the viewer to convey "love."