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Instructions for Uno Stacko

Play Uno Stacko with a group of friends.
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A steady hand and keen eye are key when playing block stacking games. Uno Stacko is a game that has similar rules to the card game Uno but is played in a different way. The game can be played with two to 10 players and is recommended for ages seven and older. Play the game on a flat surface to deter the tower from knocking over at the slightest movement. And don't forget to yell "Uno!"

Pick a player that will go first. This person will stack the tower. It's up to the player as to how he wants to randomize the blocks when stacking it.

Place one layer of three blocks facing the same way. Then stack another set of three blocks so they're turned 90 degrees going across the layer of blocks below it. This will create a criss-cross pattern. Use the loading tray to keep your blocks directly on top of one another.

Repeat this stacking method until all the blocks have been stacked. Remove the loading tray by carefully sliding out from under the blocks.

Pull a block from the tower on your turn only using one hand. If you are caught using two hands, another player can yell "Uno" which will require you to pull two additional blocks.

Place the block on top of the tower, repeating the criss-cross pattern. Your turn is over once you have successfully put the block on top without it toppling.

Move to the next player who must then pull another block. If the player before her pulled a colored number block, she must pull a block with the corresponding color or number that was previously pulled.

Pull a Draw Two block which is indicated with a color and two lines to make the player after you pull two blocks of that color.

Take a Reverse block which is indicated with a color and two arrows going in opposite direction to reverse the direction of play. This would mean that the person who went before you now has to take a turn and pull a block of the same color that is indicated on the Reverse block you pulled.

Pull out a Skip block which is indicated with a color and a circle with a diagonal line running through it to skip the person who is after you. Play is then started again by the person who is after the skipped person.

Take a Wild block which is indicated with the color purple and two lines intersecting each other on your turn. Announce what color you want to change to. The person after you must then pull a block of that color.

Win the game by being the last person to successfully place your pulled block on top of the tower.

Lose the game by pulling a block or placing it on top of the tower and having it fall.


Wild blocks can be pulled at any time except after a Draw Two has been pulled.

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