How Do You Switch the Squares in "Bloxorz"?

Bloxorz is a three-dimensional puzzle game wherein the goal is to manipulate a rectangular stone block into a goal hole located somewhere on a series of floating stages. Players must traverse narrow bridges and press switches to add platforms while being wary of falling off the edge. In general, the block moves in two ways: end-over-end or rolling. Pressing the arrow keys moves the block. On some levels—beginning with Level 8—a special switch breaks the block into two squares. Players can switch between squares to solve aspects of the puzzle.

Use the arrow keys to manipulate the block to that it stands vertically on a switch that looks similar to “( ).” The exact sequence varies depending on the level you are playing. Once you stand the block on the “( )” switch, it splits into two squares. The block must stand vertically on the switch; rolling over it will not split the block into two pieces.

Press the spacebar to switch between each block. Manipulate each block, one at a time, to solve different aspects of particular levels. For example, in stage 9, you must navigate a narrow bridge. It is impossible to solve the puzzle unless the block is split into two piece and one of the pieces is moved to the narrow ledge facing the goal.

Move one of the blocks next to the other block to reform your original rectangular block, then finish solving the puzzle.


  • Some puzzles may require you to split your block into two pieces on multiple occasions. Experiment to find the best method to solve each stage.


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