Instructions on How to Make Sock Monkeys

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Things You'll Need

  • Pair of socks with colored heels and toes
  • 2 buttons
  • Scissors
  • Polyester stuffing
  • Needle
  • Thread

Creating stuffed animals from socks is a super affordable way to create homemade toys for children. This timeless sock monkey craft project is best suited for a colorful pair of socks with contrasting color blocks around the toe and heels. The heel is particularly important in creating a sock monkey’s face. While this project can be done with a sewing machine, a needle, thread and scissors is all that is really required.

The Body, Head and Legs

Turn one sock inside out and lay the sock out in front of you with the heel side facing straight up and the toe pointing away from you.

Cut a straight line up the center of the sock, starting from the open end of the sock up to the edge of the heel of the sock, to create what will become the legs of the monkey.

Sew the open seam of the left strip, or leg, together starting at the bottom with the monkey’s foot and working up to an inch from his crotch and tie off your stitch with a knot. Do not sew the crotch closed.

Sew the seams of the right leg together in the same fashion as before and tie off your stitch an inch before you reach the crotch. You should now have a body and head with two legs attached.

Turn the sock right-side out and push stuffing inside the monkey’s body and legs through the opening in the crotch.

Sew up the crotch, making sure to pull your first knot from the interior of the fabric and pulling out to the exterior, and folding the raw edges inward as you sew to hide them.

The Tail

This is what the sock will look like laying on its side.
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Turn the remaining sock inside out and lay it on its side in front of you with the toe pointing toward you.

Cut off the toe of the sock.

Cut a strip an inch thick through the top side of the whole sock, opposite the heel side, starting at the toe and all the way up to the cuff to create the monkey’s tail.

Sew the sides of the tail together starting from the bottom end and working up to the top of the tail where you will tie off your seam. Make sure to leave the end of the tail open for stuffing and attaching.

Turn the material right-side out and stuff the tail.

The Arms, Face and Final Steps

Cut the heel out of the remaining sock and reserve it for use on the monkey’s face.

Use the longer of the two large strips left over to create the monkey’s arms by cutting it in half and sewing the seams on each piece just as you did the tail. Leave the ends open, turn the material right-side out and stuff the arms.

Cut the shorter strip into four equal squares that will become the monkey’s ears. Cut each square into identical ear shapes and line two sets of ear shapes together with the material inside out and sew the seams together, leaving the ends open. Turn the material right-side out.

Sew the heel of the sock horizontally onto the monkey’s lower face to create a pocket for stuffing that will become his mouth, pinching in the raw edges inside as you go. The goal is to allow the heel to pucker out for stuffing. Stuff the mouth gently before closing off your stitch.

Attach the ears, arms and tail, pulling your first knot from the interior of the appendage openings to the exterior and pinching in the raw edges as you sew to hide them. Sew the buttons onto the monkey's face to create the eyes.


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