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Instructions for a Bounty Hunter Recovery System Metal Detector Tracker 1-D/505

You can use the Bounty Hunter metal detector to find lost items on the beach.
detector de metales image by Marco Antonio Fdez. from Fotolia.com

Treasure hunting can be a fun activity for you, your family or a group of friends. By purchasing a Bounty Hunter Recovery System Metal Detector Tracker, model number 1-D/505, you can easily find lost items under the sand on the beach or in your own back yard. Once the device is ready to use, you can use the control panel on the handle to set it into operation mode and help you discover items in the ground.

Hold the Bounty Hunter metal detector so that the end is approximately 1/2 inch above the ground. While holding it in this position, turn the control dial clockwise to the "On" position. This control dial also controls the sensitivity. Turn the dial all the way to the "Max" position. You will hear near constant beeping from the device. Turn the dial down toward the "Off" position slowly until the beeping stops and you hear silence.

Turn the "Discriminate" dial to the position that corresponds to the type of objects you are looking for. Adjust this by pointing the device at an object such as a coin or another metal object and turn the dial until you obtain the tone you want to match that type of object. The device will sound different depending on the type of object you have found.

Keep the end of the metal detector 1/2 inch above the ground and sweep it side to side while slowly walking forward. Do not raise or lower the end of the detector. Keep doing this until you hear a tone and see the search meter move. The higher the meter moves, the higher the likelihood a metal item is present.

Keep sweeping the general area where you got a reading to zero in on the item underground. Stop the end of the device on the spot that produces the loudest signal. Mark the spot on the ground if you need to and gently set the metal detector down. You can now dig at this spot for the item.

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