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How to Troubleshoot a Bally Slot Machine

Slot machines have a reset procedure to correct a malfunctioning machine.
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Bally is a leading maker of slot machines, a coin-operated gambling device. The user inserts money into the machine and pulls the lever. The reel results determine if you are a winner. Slot machines pay out into a tray located at the bottom of the device. A malfunctioning slot machine will produce error codes on the display. When a Bally slot machine is displaying such codes, it requires troubleshooting.

Turn the power off and back on again when you receive a error code of “12.” This is an indication that the battery power has dropped below the standard voltage level of 2.9 volts. If this does not work, open the machine door and then close it. This acts as a reset for the device. If this does not work, you will need to replace the 3.6-volt lithium battery which is located on the CPU board.

Open the door to the machine and check the coin level when you receive a “3300” error code. This means that the hopper is empty. The hopper is the section of the machine that pays out the coins. The error code indicates there are not enough coins in the hopper to accommodate the payoff amount. Refill the hopper with coins. Close the door. You may need to open the door again and add more coins until the payout is finished.

Check for coin jams when you receive a “3100” code. Open the door. Use your fingers to check the coin channel for any jammed coins. Make sure there are no coins jammed behind the hopper knife. The coin optic sensor will not function properly if it is dirty. Clean the sensor with a light non-abrasive rag or cloth. Close the door.

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