Instructions for "LEGO Battleship"

Jupiterimages/Goodshoot/Getty Images

With Legos, you can build models of your favorite machines and use your imagination to put your own twist on them. You can start with Lego battleships. Instructions for their construction come with the various kits. They're also available online.

Go online to for information on building a battleship with Lego pieces. You can also search for other websites that offer similar instructions.

Click on the "Customer Service" link near the bottom of the page. Click on the section labeled "Building Instructions" in the left column. Type "battleship" in the keyword search box and click "Submit."


Look for a pop-up box labeled "Select a Building Instruction." Click on the name of the battleship model that you want to build. A pop-up section should show a picture of the battleship and a button to let you download the instructions.


Click on the button to download the instructions. They will come in a PDF file that you can view online or save to your computer.


Follow the instructions to build your Lego battleship.