Instructions for How to Crochet a Bangle Bracelet

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Crochet is a deceptively simple technique that allows you to make all kinds of accessories, including bangle bracelets. Crocheted bracelets can be made with conventional yarns for chunky or fuzzy fiber bangles. You can also crochet with metallic yarns to create sparkling bracelets. You can add beads and sequins to your work for an even more dazzling look. Smaller gauges of wire can also be crocheted into jewelry. Crochet with colored beading wire for stunning metallic effects.

You can make crocheted bangle bracelets.
crochet project image by robert mobley from

Things You'll Need

  • Beading Wire
  • Acrylic Yarn
  • Beads
  • Crochet Hook

Chunky Fiber Bangle

Make a slipknot in your chunky acrylic yarn. Place the hook through this. Loop the yarn around the hook, and draw this loop through the slipknot. Move it down the hook a little. Wrap another loop of yarn around the hook. Draw this through the last loop. You are now making a row of chain stitch.

Continue with your single stitch chain until you have enough to go around your hand. Push the hook through the first loop in the chain. Pull a loop of yarn through it and the previous loop.

Slip the hook through the top of the next loop on the chain. Loop the yarn round the hook and pull this through both. Now pull a loop of yarn through the loop that's on your hook. Repeat.

When you get to the end of this row, push the crochet hook through the last loop on the row and, loop the yarn round your hook and pull it back through both loops.

Make another row the same way. Do this twice more such that you have five rows. Tie off your thread neatly. Your chunky bangle is finished.

Beaded Bangle

Thread beads onto your chosen yarn. You need to thread enough that when the beads are side-by-side you have about 10 inches of beads. Don't cut the yarn.

Make a length of chain stitch as before, but pop a bead through each loop as you pull it taut.

Work three rows of single stitch as before. Slide the remaining beads ahead as you work. For your fifth and final row, pop a bead through each loop as you make it. Tie the thread off neatly. Your beaded bangle is now complete.

Make a wire bangle by working the same pattern as for the chunky bangle. Substitute narrow gauge beading wire for the yarn. If you want to include beads, thread them onto the wire before you start.


  • When crocheting wire, don't pull the loops too tight and work the wire gently. Harsh treatment can scrape the surface of the wire, and bending it back and forth too many times can snap the wire.