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Information on the Jackson PS4 Performer Electric Guitar

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The PS4 was a Jackson Performer series guitar based on the Dinky model. The Jackson PS4 electric guitar was discontinued after 2000 along with the rest of the Performer series. The guitar had a manufacture suggested retail value of $595 in 1998. Similar to most Super-Strat guitars, the Jackson PS4 was primarily designed for rock and metal guitarists.

Jackson Performer Series

The Jackson PS4 electric guitar was part of the Performer series and shares several characteristics with other models in that series. Jackson Performer guitars were manufactured in Korea using the Jackson Dinky, Rhoads or Kelly body designs. These guitars were fitted with lower quality pickups and hardware in comparison to the same guitar designs from the USA or Professional series versions. The lower retail value of these guitars marked them primarily for use by beginners and hobbyists.


The Jackson PS4 used the same body design as the Jackson Dinky electric guitar. This is a standard double cutaway body found on most Super-Strat guitars, which are patterned from the Fender Stratocaster. The body wood of the PS4 was alder, which is standard for many Jackson electric guitars.


The Jackson PS4 electric guitar came with five different solid color finishes. The options were Black, Black Cherry, Red Violet Metallic, Dark Metallic Green and Dark Metallic Blue. The metallic finishes in Jackson electric guitars are a solid color finish with flecks of material inserted to cause it to sparkle in the light.


The PS4 electric guitar, like the rest of the Jackson Performer series, came with a bolt-on neck. The neck was made of maple with a rosewood fretboard. The neck had twenty-four frets and a 25.5 scale, which is standard for most Jackson electric guitars. The headstock was reversed in orientation, with the tuning keys facing down instead of up. The guitar nut was a locking nut for the JT-500 tremolo.


The Jackson PS4 came with lower quality hardware and pickups that were typically only used for the Performer series. The pickups consisted for two humbuckers and a single coil. The models were J170 humbucker for the neck pickup, J-135 single coil for the middle pickup and a J70 for the bridge pickup. The guitar came with a JT-500 floating tremolo bridge.

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