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1993 Gibson Les Paul Standard Specs

Sunburst is a common finish among Les Paul Standards.
guitar picker 4 image by Lee O'Dell from Fotolia.com

The original Gibson Les Paul Standard electric guitar was introduced in the late 1950s, but had only a short run before it was shelved and used as the template for what would become the Gibson SG. In 1968, however, the Standard that is recognizable today was released and has been popular ever since, with world famous musicians such as Jeff Beck and Paul McCartney wielding one on stage.


The body of a 1993 Les Paul Standard is crafted with the same arch-top design that can be found on nearly all Les Pauls, and like most Gibson guitars, the '93 Standard's body is made from pure mahogany, with a maple top. Although by the 1990s most models were available in an array of colors, the sunburst body design is still the defining color for Les Paul Standards, dating to the original version, which was the first Les Paul not to have a purely gold top. The 1993 Standard weighs just under 10 pounds.

Neck and Fingerboard

The neck and fingerboard of a '93 Standard have the same basic design as most Les Pauls. The board itself is made of high-quality rosewood, typically Brazilian, which is known to add both sustain and a rich tone to the notes. Atop the board are the usual 22 frets with trapezoid mother-of-pearl inlays spaced in between. The neck of a '93 Standard, like the body, is made from mahogany, along with the headstock, which is slightly angled and, in the usual Gibson style, contains three tuning pegs on each side.

Hardware, Knobs and Switches

Although gold hardware does exist on some '93 Standards, chrome or aluminum hardware is more commonly found when it comes to most Les Paul Standards. The patented "Tune-O-Matic" bridge, along with the detachable tail-piece on the '93 Standard, are plated in nickel. This model is also fitted with the famous Kulson-style Gibson tuners, as well as the typical two-tone and volume knobs, one for each pickup on the guitar, which are controlled by the classic Gibson three-way toggle switch.


Pickups, since they are so easily removed and replaced, are among the first parts of a guitar to be customized, so an array of pickups can be found in the '93 Standards. The usual Standard, however, can be found with the famous double-coil 490 R pickups, which are located closer to the neck, and also double-coiled 490 T pickups, which are located near the bridge. Like the hardware of most '93 Standards, each pickup is plated with a chrome cover.

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