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Ideas for Wedding Quilt Squares

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Most ideas for wedding quilt squares use hearts, rings or doves as the main decoration. However, there’s no rule that limits you to just those three themes. Wedding quilt squares can be simple or as elaborate as your skills permit. And they can range from ideas as easy as using a different type of heart-patterned fabric for each square to something as challenging as using assorted fabrics on each square to create a double-ring pattern.

Heart Quilt Squares

Heart-themed ideas for wedding quilt squares are not only popular, they also create visually attractive quilts. Sew a pink fabric heart in the middle of a brown fabric quilt square. Sew a brown fabric heart in the middle of a pink fabric quilt square. Stitch the two square styles in an alternating pattern to create a modern wedding quilt.

Sew four fabric hearts together in the middle of a quilt square to create a flower shape. Position the hearts so that the points meet in the center and the tops create the petal shape. Use taupe fabric for the quilt squares with alternating white and cream fabric hearts to create a classic wedding quilt.

Ring Quilt Squares

Ring-themed ideas for wedding quilt squares require advanced skills and should be attempted only if you’re an experienced quilter. Sew a cream fabric ring in the middle of a white quilt square to create a traditional, single ring pattern. Create the single ring from an assortment of patterned fabrics for a fancy touch.

Sew a pair of rings set slightly askew in the middle of a wedding quilt square for a traditional, double-ring pattern. You can also set four quilt squares together and sketch a pair of large rings across the area. Sew each ring area with fabric and stitch the squares together for a large, double-ring pattern.

Dove Quilt Squares

Stitch two white doves with their beaks touching in the middle of each wedding quilt square for a dove-themed blanket. Change the hue and pattern of each quilt square to create a colorful design. For example, use a blue and green striped quilt square with white doves next to a red floral quilt square with white doves.

Unique Quilt Squares

Sew the happy couple’s initials into the middle of each wedding quilt square for a personalized touch. Have guests sign fabrics squares during the wedding instead of a guest book and stitch the signed squares together to create a wedding quilt. Use different fabrics to sew a colorful and simple house shape on each wedding quilt square for a country style.

Sew cream silhouettes of a bride and groom in the middle of cream-edged, black quilt squares for an unusual and sharp wedding quilt. Sew the word “love” onto the middle of each burgundy quilt square for an autumn style. Use fabrics with rich colors, such as gold and mahogany, to create the stitched word on each separate square.

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