Ideas for Shadow Boxes

By Tatyanna DeLoatch
Honor an Army veteran with a shadow box display.

A shadow box is an enclosed case that can offer you more flexibility than using a traditional frame because of the additional space that can allow bigger items to be displayed. It can be used to create a scene or memory that typical picture frames don't allow. Regular picture frames are limited to print items, while the possibilities for shadow boxes are endless. Shadow boxes can capture a particular event or memory in detail due to their depth, which can allow you to make creative, interesting pieces of art.

Wedding Shadow Box

Display some of your most prized wedding memories in a way that captures the day. Sentimental items such as a flower from the bride's bouquet, wedding invitations, a photo of the bride and groom and the wedding party, the garter belt, and one of each of the bride and groom's shoes are ideal. Or, choose items to display that have a special meaning to you. For example, a piece of jewelry that was passed down to you from a family member would be a sentimental display item.

Baby's First Year

Parents may want to save and display mementos of some of the most important events of their baby's first year. Provide a snapshot of your baby's first year by creating a time line of memories from birth to 12 months. Place items such as the first pair of shoes, a bib, your baby's cutest outfit, the first bottle, special gifts, photos and toys in a shadow box in a way that tells a story. For example, you can choose a theme such as "Baby's First" and choose five of your baby's first items for your display.

Military Shadow Box

Men and women who serve in the military are fighting for their country and should be proud of everything they've accomplished. In addition, family and friends may want to have a special way to honor and remember them while they're away. Create a shadow box with a piece of the uniform such as a hat or shirt, a medal or certificate earned, photos, or one of the favorite letters that they've mailed you.

Cheerleading Shadow Box

Most current or former cheerleaders are passionate about the sport and would love to see a few staple items framed in a shadowbox. Cheerleaders have several small items and memorabilia that can be displayed. Consider placing a hair ribbon, the vest or skirt of the uniform, photos, cutouts of stars for decor, or an earned award.