Ideas for Handmade Retirement Cards

Many people facing retirement are not prepared for the drastic change of not having a regular place to go every day, as well as the loss of interaction with others. For those retirees that have interests outside of the work force, the transition is often smoother. Make meaningful handmade retirement cards to inspire the retiree for the second phase of life, and allow it to act as a motivational tool instead of the traditional retirement card simply sending warm wishes.

Second Career

By making a card wishing the retiree congratulations for the completion of one career and embarking on the next, your handmade card will not only be inspiring, but also motivational. Find out what their interests are and cut out clip art or other artwork to depict the second career once the card is opened. Use white or clear drying glue to apply the cut-outs. As an alternative, cut out a stencil of the letter “R” for retirement and superimpose the images within the letter.


Make a retirement card geared towards the retiree’s hobbies and special interests. Take time to find out what their interests are such as music, dancing, sculpting or gardening. Use these hobbies as part of the card. For example, make a card from seed paper for the prospective gardener. It is generally made from 100% natural, biodegradable and recycled fibers, seeds and plant material. The seed card is recycled once again by planting it and different flowers will grow as a happy reminder of their retirement. Personalize the card by hand-writing an appropriate message.


For those retirees interested in travel, make a retirement card using a map or atlas as the inspiration. Create a card geared towards specific travel such as air, sea or the road. The card does not have to be the standard card size. Make an oversize humorous card two- to three-feet tall for the retiree with a collage of scenery from different parts of the world and add interesting facts as well as things to do once they arrive. Your handmade card will act as the catalyst and start of their retirement travel plans.