Ideas for Driftwood

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Beachcombers can enjoy a piece of driftwood as art in itself. So hanging it on a wall by itself is not unusual. However, you can make driftwood into many creative sculptures, including usable items such as furniture, lamps and pen holders. Driftwood recalls the beach scene in your home when turned into a creative item.

Beach Towel Rack

A beach towel rack is a handy item for water lovers. Show off your new-found piece of driftwood by making a towel rack out of it. Attach some hooks to it, hang it on your porch and keep some beach towels hanging on it -- easily accessible for running out to the beach, lake or pool.


When you have collected some beautiful shells off the beach as souvenirs, string some off the driftwood with fishing wire or strong thread to make a beach theme mobile. Let the grandchildren help and make it an heirloom.


A piece of driftwood with somewhat of a curve to it is an ideal material for making a sailboat. Drill a hole to add a small straight piece of driftwood for a mast, and find some material to use as your sail, for a pleasurable piece of decor. If the boat is large enough, add an extra sail or two.

Fisherman's Wall Art

Use your driftwood to make wall art, with a fisherman's net draped under it. Add fish hooks, lures, bobbins, some seaweed and shells. Search for other interesting findings from the shore to add to the driftwood and net.



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