Ideas for a 40th Birthday Poster

A 40th birthday is a milestone that should be celebrated. The theme decides what decorations, such as posters, should be ordered for the big day. Whether you’re having a large party for your or someone else, or an intimate get together with a few loved ones, hang a poster in the venue. Consider posters that match your invitations, a personalized photo or humorous photos to hang up at the birthday celebration.

Themed Posters

Use the location of the celebration and the theme to decide what type of poster you will use at your 40th birthday. For example, if you're throwing a bowling party, incorporate bowling décor. Order or design your own poster with images of bowling pins or a bowling ball printed on the front. Add cute sayings like, “Spare me, I’m 40” to the poster. If the party is being held at a golf resort, a poster with a person playing golf or golf balls and the words, “I’m just teeing off…Life begins at 40” or “It takes balls to be 40” are some creative poster ideas.

Some people use the “over-the-hill” theme for this milestone birthday as well. There are so many decorations to choose from in this category. If you make the poster on your own, put a picture of a hill and someone trying to climb over, then add phrases such as “(person's name) is going over-the-hill” or “Climbing over the hill and loving it.”

Humorous Posters

Order a poster that has a little bit of humor for your 40th birthday. Party stores and retail outlets offer different funny poster ideas for your special occasion. The wording and images on the poster tell the joke. A poster with an image of a person fishing and the wording, “It’s my 40th birthday so kiss my bass” is a unique idea. Other funny poster sayings you can print up yourself or order through party retailers and sign stores include: “I’m 18 with 22 years of experience,” “I’m not 40, I’m 39.95 plus tax,” or “I’m not 40, It’s my 39th anniversary.” Your guests are sure to get a good laugh when glancing at the poster hanging up at your birthday party.

Photo Posters

You may want to keep your poster to remember the day you turned 40. Order a poster with a collage of pictures over the last 40 years of your life, or paste the pictures on a poster board yourself. Print “Happy 40th Birthday” or “(Your name) has turned 40” underneath your photos. A good idea would be to hang the poster somewhere in the venue for your guests to sign. After your party, take the poster home and read all the messages your loved ones left on the poster. Hang the poster up in your home for the entire year you turned 40, or put it up somewhere and take it out as often as you’d like to reminisce.


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