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Ideas for Bible Charades

Bible charades can entertain and challenge your youth group.
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Many people enjoy playing charades. The game can break the ice at parties or entertain families and close friends. Sunday school classes and youth and adult church groups might enjoy a Bible version of this game. Categories for Bible charades include biblical characters, words, events, passages and stories. Hymns and praise choruses provide good material for songs.

Bible Characters

You can identify Bible people by the events or characteristics of the person. For example, identify Sampson by his long hair and his great strength. Pantomime Jesus’ mother Mary with a pregnant belly and an angelic visitation.

Use well-known characters unless the group is very Bible-literate. Make a list of these characters on business-size cards, with three levels of difficulty, to give your group some working ideas. A sample card could include Jesus for the easiest, Moses as an intermediate choice, and Miriam for the most difficult. Award points based on the difficulty.

Bible Words

Bible words include concepts such as "salvation," "wisdom" and "mercy." They include things such as loaves and fishes, rainbows, and thrones. On a scale of difficulty, you might choose things for your simple category and work up to the concepts for items that are the most difficult. The person who draws the card must think of a way to pantomime the concept, so consider dropping hints for some of your concept words. For example, salvation refers to breaking the chains of sin.

Bible Events

Consider using events such as the Crucifixion, the parting of the Red Sea, and eating from the Tree of Good and Evil. Older players who have spent years studying the Bible might find this category easier than someone with little Bible knowledge. Suggestions for someone with limited Bible knowledge include the last supper, the fall of Jericho, Noah’s ark and Jesus’ birth. More difficult choices include Peter’s prison rescue, Jesus calming the sea, and Peter walking on water.

Bible Passages and Stories

This category includes Jesus' parables and the Lord’s Prayer. Simple parable suggestions include the pearl of great price, the sower, the lost sheep and the Good Samaritan. More complex and difficult choices could include the woman with the issue of blood, Jonah and the whale, John 3:16 and Romans 8:28. You might find this to be the smallest and most challenging category, because finding simple items requires thought. Consider reserving some of these for a challenge round with greater point value.

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