Ice Breaker Activities for Small Group Counseling

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Icebreaker games are a way to provide group introductions outside of the usual routine. Additionally, icebreakers can help foster group support, respect and honesty. These games can be used at any time during a group session.

Have You Ever

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Ask the group to stand in a circle around the room. Tell them that you are going to read a series of questions about experiences they may or may not have had. If their response is yes, they are to exchange places with another person who answered yes. If only one person answers yes, he or she may stay in the same spot. The group leader can facilitate additional discussion by asking follow up questions to those who responded yes. Additionally, the facilitator can allow each person in the circle to ask a question.

Three in Common

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Separate the members into groups of three. Instruct each group to find three things each member has in common. These should not be average things such as hair color or gender. Hobbies, talents and interests are good topics. Allow the groups to meet for 10 to 15 minutes, and then ask the groups to share the three commonalities with the rest of room.

Fear in a Hat

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Give each person a piece of paper with instructions to anonymously identify a fear he or she has about group counseling. Place the comments in a basket and mix them together. Then ask each person in the group to select one of the notes and read it aloud. No one is to comment on the note, just listen and move on to the next person. Once all of the fears have been read, invite the group to discuss the comments.


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