How to Write a Short Band Bio

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A band or artist biography doesn't have to be a complicated piece of writing. In fact, it's usually better to avoid overused cliches and flowery language. Remember that a band bio is a reflection of the band's unique style. Therefore, the language you use should reflect that style. Keep the bio simple and try to limit it to a few paragraphs. Even one concise paragraph can suffice if you pick the right information to highlight and don't make it complicated.

Start the bio in the present. Focus on the band's current status, rather than how they formed or got their start in the music industry. You can include information about where they are based, who the members are and the genre of their music.

Include one or two interesting facts about the band's history. You don't need to include a lengthy description about the formation of the band. Choose a few anecdotes that will be interesting to fans. For example, if the band includes siblings or if the lead singer is the child of someone noteworthy, these types of facts can add something interesting to the bio.

Mention something about sources for musical inspiration. However, try to avoid comparing the band to other artists or groups. The band's bio should reflect their unique style. A sentence like "The band draws inspiration from early '90s grunge artists like Nirvana and Soundgarden" credits the band's influences without making comparisons.

Use language that reflects the musical style of the band. If the band plays high-energy punk music, aggressive adjectives like "hurried," "explosive" and "untamed" are appropriate. A mellow folk band might want to use softer language, with adjectives like "reflective," "sensitive" or "soothing." The reader should, in a sense, feel the style of the band's music through the language of the bio.

Tell a story. The bio shouldn't just be an aggregation of facts, but a short story about the band, their creative process and what their music is about. Write the bio as if you were telling a close friend about the band.

Check the bio for accuracy in spelling and grammar. Some slang phrases may not be appropriate for a professional bio. It should read as a clear and simple description, not a piece of marketing hype.