How to Write a Dance Contract

Dance contracts might seem like overkill considering that the point of dance is freedom of expression through the body, but they are essential to keeping everyone safe and preventing legal disputes. If you are hosting or teaching dance, then you can create a dance contract in just a few steps that will serve most of your needs.

Contact Information

Open a new document in your computer word-processing program and set the text alignment to center. Type all the contact information for you or your organization as it would appear on a mailing address. Include your phone number, fax number and/or email address.

Return several times and justify text right. Label this section "Applicant," and then type "Name," "Age," "Address," "Phone" and "Email," leaving space after each where the appropriate information can be written in by whomever gets the contract.

Return twice. Label this space "Emergency Contact," and place the same information as for step 2.

Expected Behavior of Applicants

Return several times and label the section. Return twice. Write a brief paragraph that states that certain behavior is expected of all applicants.

Using bullets or numbering, list all the behaviors you will expect of applicants. This can include punctuality, courteousness to others and rules about physical contact.

Return two or three times. End the section with a short paragraph that explains the rationale for the expectations you listed in step 2.


Return twice and label the section. Return twice and write a sentence or two that introduces the need for consequences to behavioral violations.

Using bullet points or numbering, list consequences in order of severity or according to the type of violation.

Return two or three times. End the section with a sentence or two that reiterates that consequences will be carried out by the host, instructor or supervisor.

Payments (If Applicable)

Return twice and label the section. Return twice.

Write a paragraph stating the types of payments accepted.

Write a paragraph that explains how much payments are and when they are due. Include information about who will collect them and if a receipt will be given.


Return twice and label the section. Return twice.

Type out "Applicant Signature," return once and then type "Date."

Repeat step 2 for the signature of the host, instructor or supervisor.


  • If you or your organization has any credentials, you can list them at the end of the contract or after your contact information. You also can include the name of any legal representative you may have. Print a few more copies than you think you will need.


  • Always make sure to get all contact information and signatures. Without contact information for applicants, you won't have a way to contact them, and without the signatures of both parties, the contract is void.