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How to Wire the House for DIRECTV

When you are considering your television programming options, you can go with basic cable, digital cable, or a satellite from companies like Dish or DirecTV. A home is normally wired for the cable companies, but while DirecTV uses normal co-axial cables, they hook them up in a different way then normal. To help save on a installation fee, or avoid having the company do all the work themselves, you can pre wire your house so the installation is seamless.

Things You'll Need:

  • Duct Tape
  • Co-Axial Cable (More Than 100Ft.)
  • Ladder
  • Power Drill

Figure out which rooms you wish to have a DIRECTV box installed in. You cannot get the DIRECTV service in rooms without the box, so you want to make sure you have everything covered before the installers arrive.

Think about the future, remodeling, and whether you may have a TV in a room that does not feature one yet. You may want to run a cable line into these rooms just in case.

Climb up to your roof and find the most ideal spot to enter your house at. If there are already cable lines running into your roof, then you should try to occupy those pre-made holes.

Purchase as many cables as receivers you will have in the open. Each receiver requires its own connection to the satellite and if you do not have one then you will not be able to hook up a receiver.

Run the cables down the side of your house if you cannot run them through the attic. Tuck them underneath siding and make the cable as tight as possible so that there are no loose ends.

Drill holes into the house to reach the closest point to where your television is located. Check where you drilling multiple times so that you do not run into electrical wires or outlets.

Pull the cable tight in from the outside. You will want all of the slack on the inside of the house and not the outside.

Duct tape the cable ends on your roof until the satellite arrives for fast and easy hook-up. This way, the satellite just needs to be securely placed on your roof and the cables plugged in.

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