How to Weave a Cloth Basket

Things You'll Need

  • 1 1/4 yards fabric
  • Scissors
  • 6 yards of 1-inch cotton cord

How to Weave a Cloth Basket. Crafty people and those who sew often have lots of scrap fabric lying around. This easy project for children or adults makes good use of leftover cloth by turning it into a functional and fun to make basket.

Rip or cut approximately 1 ¼ yards of fabric into ½ inch strips. Ripping most woven fabric is easy, but it leaves you with a rough edge that changes the look of your finished basket. A cut edge leaves a neater appearance.

Wrap a fabric strip around the first few inches of a 6-yard long piece of 1-inch cotton piping cord. You can find this cord in the home decor section of a fabric or craft store. Overlap each layer as you wrap to completely cover the cord in the fabric.

Fold the wrapped section in half to start the base of your basic. Wrap the fabric around this coil.

Continue wrapping the fabric around the cord, coiling in a round shape as you go. Every few inches, secure your current ring to the last one. Catch it in your wrap to bind it to the current ring. As your fabric strip ends, incorporate a new strip by overlapping it and continuing to wrap. You can change colors for a striped effect in the same way.

Build your basket up after the base is wide enough for your liking. Continue wrapping in the same way, only stacking the coils vertically until your basket is the height you envisioned. Continue catching the ring below every few inches.

Finish the basket. Cut the cord at an angle and hold the cut end to the rest of the basket with a wrap or two of the fabric strip. Tuck any remaining fabric into the coils.

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