How to Waterfall Shuffle Cards

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Also known as the cascade, the waterfall shuffle is a fairly simple card flourish. Practicing this maneuver can help develop the dexterity necessary for other card tricks. But, like many flourishes, the waterfall doesn't serve much purpose other than to add a bit of flash to a magician's card routine or simply to show off. However, it's also just plain fun.

Hold a deck of cards deep in one hand with the long edge of the deck parallel to the floor. Position the other hand below the deck with the palm upward.

Gently squeeze the deck until the cards bend slightly toward the palm with small spaces between each card. The card edges will start to slide along the thumb and fingers, almost ready to spring out.


Relax the hand holding the deck and allow the cards to fall, one at a time, in an even ribbon to the other hand. Catch the cards with a cradling grip in the lower hand.



  • A new deck of cards will work best for this flourish.


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